What is the Environmental Act

The Environmental Act is a legislative framework that provides the mechanism for implementing environmental policy in England and Wales. The Act sets out the general principles of environmental law, establishes environmental regulators and gives them powers to enforce environmental law. The Act also creates offences for breach of environmental law and gives the courts power to impose penalties.

The Environmental Act is a federal law that establishes the National Environment Policy and creates the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. The act also outlines environmental protection procedures for federal departments and agencies.

What is the Environmental Act

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What are the Objectives of the Environmental Act

The Environmental Act was introduced in 1970 as a response to the growing public concern about the state of the environment. The objectives of the act are to: – Promote the conservation and enhancement of the environment;

– Control pollution; – Encourage sustainable development; and, – Facilitate public participation in environmental decision making.

Environmental Law: A Very Short Introduction | Elizabeth Fisher


The Environmental Act is a law that protects the environment. It was passed by Congress in 1970, and it set up the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is responsible for enforcing the law.

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