How do Celebrities Lose Weight So Fast?


We all want to know.  One minute they are fat and the next they are skinny.  Come on!  There has to be a secret they know that we don’t.  Is there a special pill?  Is there a special food combination that works and the public at large doesn’t know about it?  Or, do they just have more self control than the rest of us?

One thing to consider is if you put a couple of million dollars on the line I think we would all have a little more self control.  Seriously, think about it.  If someone told you if you lost 30 pounds in a month they would give you $1 million could you do it?

I think I would just starve for 4 weeks and I bet I would just about be there.  It’s not the most healthy way to do things though.  Look at Tom Hanks.  He has diabetes now and rumor has it that the disease was brought about by his rapid weight fluctuations for movie roles.

I would certainly like to lose weight but I definitely do not want to end up with diabetes as a result.  How about you?

There are some really interesting articles over at discussing celebrity weight loss methods.  Check it out.  We found some of the articles fascinating.  There is everything from Matthew McConaughey dropping massive weight for Dallas Buyer’s Club to more reasonable transformations like Jill Scott and Miranda Lambert.

Our advice though is not to start a diet that is unhealthy.  Weight loss isn’t worth sacrificing your health over.  Always be safe and when necessary consult your physician.

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