Calm Interior With Creamy Decor & Cosy Lighting

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Creamy decor and cosy lighting evoke a sense of calm inside this restful modern home interior, located in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine. Visualised by Julia Artukh, this chic home design is smoothly shaped by stylish modern furniture under a softly rounded motif. Contemporary lighting solutions become a dominant theme, with a plethora of wall lights, floor lamps, modern chandeliers and table lamps coming together to create the ultimate atmospheric ambience. Ribbed wall panels and arched kitchen cabinets add en vogue touches of texture and elegance to the timeless cream and wood tone palette of the home, whilst decorative vases and unique focal points shake off any monotony.

Smooth creamy walls paint a restful cocoon around the living room, where a modern modular sofa design divides the open floor plan with a softly rounded silhouette.

A cream area rug further defines the small lounge space within the open concept. A round coffee table lays down a bold dark anchor.

Instead of the obligatory TV set, a unique wall light is given pride of place opposite the sofa to create an atmospherically illuminated focal point. A projector is on hand to provide the evening’s entertainment, without the permanent visual clutter. A ribbed gypsum trim tops the multifunctional feature wall with a border of fashionable texture.

A small lounge chair occupies the corner of the limited space, next to a built-in bookcase. Interesting design objects, decorative vases and a restrained selection of books fill the wooden shelves.

A designer table lamp is perched on top of a wraparound shelf, which starts on top of a deep sideboard in front of the couch and ends as a cut through accent across the bookcase.

At the back of the open layout, an L-shaped kitchen installation embraces the dining area. Arched cabinet fronts add a touch of classic styling to the modern units.

Vibia Tempo dining room pendant lights make a neat trio along the length of a wooden racetrack shaped dining table. Their dark finish ties in with the set of modern dining chairs that carve interesting profiles into the light surroundings.

An unusual decorative vase makes a conversation piece at the centre of the table runner.

The same black wall sconces illuminate the square home entryway, along with a duo of round counterparts.

An elegant racetrack wall mirror helps to increase the sense of light and space in the compact nook.

A unique entryway seat harks to the arched motif in the kitchen.

A stone entryway table sets up a tidy spot on which to catch keys and phones.

Attractive closets add the warmth of wood tone to the all-encompassing cream colour scheme.

Moving on into the master bedroom, we discover a bespoke upholstered headboard wall, which creates soft cushioning across the entire width of the room.

A black bedroom rug counteracts the light upholstery and textured cream wall. A modern chandelier complements the black accent rug with its own dark finish.

The ribbed rug also holds a tactile connection with the fluted wall panelling, creating one cohesive textural theme.

Creamy window drapes perfectly match the upholstered bed to create a restful visual flow around the room.

At nightfall, glowy perimeter lighting accentuates the ripples across the headboard wall.

The closet design first seen out in the home entryway is repeated here in the bedroom. Translucent screens hint at the closet contents, whilst wooden frames shape a facade of graceful arches.

Modern bedside table lamps burn a cosy ambience from two floating drawer units, which protrude from the edges of the upholstered headboard design.

Sheer voiles filter out strong daylight from the large window.

The bedside units are finished with sleek black tops to follow the serene bedroom’s dark accent theme.

A smart alarm clock with a brass trim matches the two stylish bedside table lamps.

A comfortable reading nook has been fashioned over by the bedroom window, where the radiator burns warmly in the wintertime.

Wood chevron flooring runs through from the main living space for continuity.

Light switches and phone charging points are bedded into the headboard’s textured upholstery.

The bathroom is a peaceful space encased with cream stone. Brass bathroom fittings and wooden elements warm the light decor scheme. Ribbed wall tiles introduce texture across the backsplash of the bathroom vanity, behind a smooth racetrack shaped basin and a decorative vase of pretty greenery.

A unique vanity mirror illuminates against the textured bathroom feature wall.

A floating vanity unit hangs a complementary wooden accent below the round mirror.

The cistern concealment wall is encased with wood panelling and topped with a double-door storage unit that matches the aesthetic of all of the storage cabinets in the home.

Ribbed wall tiles make a second appearance inside of the walk-in shower area, where they build a textured wet wall.

A wooden soap tray makes a charming adornment to the side of the built-in bathtub.

A pendulous wall light descends over the fitted bathtub, casting a restful highlight.

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