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As the future home of a designer couple, this project came into the hands of TIES architects with some very specific homeowner requirements. The couple wanted to integrate their daily working environment as a fundamental piece of the puzzle, where it would merge with the regular routine at home. Because of this desire for a strong work and home life link, the 375 square metre house was constructed upon two leading functions. The essential home office is located down on the first, semi-basement floor, with a welcoming residential area situated upon the level above. It’s here that a towering window wraps a pitched, double-height room, and a breathtaking breeze block wall brings stunning sunlit pattern.

The modern exterior of this project uses a pattern of breeze blocks, which perform a decorative function both inside and out. The blocks were implemented to allow a generous influx of uplifting sunlight to enter the double height living space, where the playful permeation causes aesthetic light play.

Planters front the home exterior on two levels, which work toward blending the contemporary structure with its surrounding green landscape, thus softening its presence on the land.

Large black gates reveal a shaded glimpse of the terraced entryway within. More raised planters and exterior lighting create a magical ambience to welcome the owners home, and to create a lasting first impression on guests.

At the back of the house, the classic gable roof shape is brightly highlighted with a strip of external lighting around its edge. Massive windows break open the side of the building, exposing blissful sky views to those dwelling within.

A towering window wraps the pitched roof above the double-height living room, exposing the space to a clear skyscape. The room is brightened further by light decor pieces in the shape of a soft cream living room rug and a modern sofa. Modern black rocking chairs add dark punctuation to the arrangement.

The wall of decorative breeze blocks provides the living room with a unique focal point. The wall is elevated to allow access onto the concrete roof of the carport where a dry garden is planted.

The lounge area is raised slightly proud of the kitchen dining area, where a small illuminated staircase provides access. The gable roof shape encompasses the entire living space, making it possible to achieve the ultimate ceiling height thanks to the gradient of the slope.

The kitchen emerges from behind flat-fronted, handle-free cabinet doors.

A mezzanine platform is constructed above the kitchen to make better use of the expansive ceiling height in this area.

Access ladders climb up and over the concealed kitchen design. A sun-warmed loft net makes a tempting place for rest and relaxation under a wide skylight.

The owner of the house required the design to place a firm focus on accessibility in order to welcome their senior citizen parents who have walking challenges. Aesthetically pleasing accessibility ramps were built to connect the floors in place of large staircases. The split level ramp optimises and maximises the available area in the house.

The semi-private residential space is located at the front of the house, with bedrooms more secluded toward the back.

The two living volumes are separated by a dry garden that provides additional ventilation and natural light.

A peaceful atmosphere grows from the internal garden, which nurtures a restful pause in the separation between the walls of the two masses.

The external home entryway conjures the same feeling of restfulness with lush green planting and glowing light. Despite its cool, raw concrete exterior, the home has a warm and inviting presentation. This forecourt is also the main garden for the home, although the roof gardens each offer sweeter views and the courtyards sandwiched between living volumes provide more privacy.

The master ensuite bathroom is a darkly decorated space with a black bathtub. A glass wall WC is installed alongside the shower cubicle in a smooth, flush-fitting arrangement.

The ensuite bathroom in its entirety is a glass-walled room, which allows natural light to be borrowed from the bedroom windows.

A unique bathroom basin looks out through the glass wall into the bedroom and the views beyond the outer windows. A ceiling-mounted tap descends upon the shallow, black sink. The dark decor scheme continues through the bedroom to achieve one cohesive look.

Basement floor plan, including the main garden area with terrace, a maid’s bedroom and bathroom, a multipurpose room, and the home office that resides alongside a handy kitchen and dining area.

First floor plan with main open plan living room, dining room and kitchen layout. We also see a kids’ bedroom and guest bedroom on the opposite side of the dry garden here, as well as a storage room and small bathroom.

Second floor plan with the master bedroom and glass wall ensuite bathroom.

Mezzanine plan with loft net, plus another roof garden situated toward the back of the house.

Roof plan.

Section drawing showing the distribution and layering of space along with ramp access. This drawing clearly illustrates the split of space achieved by the dry garden within the walls of the house.

Section drawing from gable end, illustrating the impressive pitch and scale of the pitched roof design.

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